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letting go
blashvanhoward wrote in lifemeandyou

How to let go?
How would you released something you really wanted for such a long time?
How could you give up on something you love for all of your life?

That's all the question that's been on our mind whenever letting go was the topic. When you really wanted something and you already got a hold on it you really don't wanna let go even it can hurt you, even if you know it's really not the time for you to have it, that it's just the taste of that something to let you know how it feels; you really wanna own it no matter what. But holding on to something that wasn't really for you is just killing yourself and the thing that you love and you just really pushing that away.
Pushing yourself to the limit just to take a hold on it can simply put you on fire burning desires. You even started to lie to others, even have fight to others just to have the control on it, you even want to cruise away pretending that it can make you happy and nothing's really wrong with what your doing.

We people must understand, that letting go doesn't mean we'll lose what we have, we must remember that, when something was taken away from us, it doesn't mean we lost it, we learn just a thing from it. We just gain a knowledge from what we experience, then live again after we cried an ocean of tears.
We can't have something that won't leave a scar underneath our mind and soul, so whether we lost it or not it'll lived forever and never we gonna forget it.
It's hard to let go, YES!, it's really hard to let go, i know it, but to live in denial will make our lives worst living take a deep breath and tell yourself, i'm going to let go, if you come back and that feeling is in there then i'll hold you again foranother more time...



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