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blashvanhoward wrote in lifemeandyou

huh? Is really love need to be that complicated?
I don't really think so!
Love shouldn't be complicated!
But for some reason, and for some decision making it's really becoming complicated.
Like, he's in love with somebody else, she's into her dreams more than you, and the worst, the one you love was not the one for you in the eyes of the others, and so you have to fight for it no matter what, but, is it really worth fighting for?
The thing in your mind, "So what if they don't like him/her,they're not the one who's going to be with him/her", but the question with that is, is that person willing to fight back to help you out and prove them wrong?
Yeah, it's really going to be complicated if it's like that.
With this kind of situation you're going to choose from fight for him/her or get a life ahead without this person?
Why without this person?! Can't I have both?! Of course not!
Think about this:
If your mind is full of things about the situation, and you're hurting about those words, you're never can't get a life ahead thinking about real priorities,because in your mind, in your heart you wanted to prove them wrong and you wanted to help him/her out of that situation and be with that person, so tell me, would you get a life ahead or you're going to be stranded in the middle of all of this?
Honestly, I think, love is always there wherever you are,  but the time you let pass by because of that situation you cannot get it back, though it might be a good lesson and good memories to visit...
If you let the situation flow and get in with it, your only making it worst,for you just get the pain you never really realized in your life(what?!). So why don't you let the water flow, and just swim with it when it's already calm and the right temperature is there. Let your tears flow down with it but not your life!


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