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the last time...
blashvanhoward wrote in lifemeandyou
Does anybody here who knows the song "The Last Time"? It talks something about love, about how you feel to someone. it talks how somebody felt that it was gonna be the last time he'll gonna feel that way and he's so sure about it. Well, I'm just thinking about it, and the very last time I felt that way, for sure. Before, I never really thought that I would feel that way for someone, always saying that I would never gonna fall the way they were, but I've had to admit that I really feel that way somehow, even just one time that I can remember so clearly. But it doesn't end the way the song goes, because I never really have him as my boyfriend, though we both know we feel the same way to each other. we go well a lot, we laugh a lot about the same thing, he knows what I wanted, he knows everything that I don't like, he took care of me as if he was my boyfriend, and he even get jealous when other guy courts me, but we end up as what we are today. We both reminisced those days that he even told me that, "I thought you'll never gonna look at me as I do look at you before. That you'll never gonna see me as what I want you to see me as. I thought we'll gonna end up together." So I replied,"I thought you never love me as a girl, and as your girlfriend, so I'm happy as you were happy with your girlfriend that time." After that night, I realized, the pain and the struggles that I went through the past because of thinking that it was gonna be the last and never will I forget the feelings I've had for someone was already gone that I'm free from all the guilt of love that I used to have when he was with me. That the feeling of pain and love that I really treasured and endured have all gone, so clearly. That as the time goes by, the pain and the love will be a different kind of thing in your mind, that when the time that you and your past cross by to the present, you'll notice that there's nothing left but the memories and the friendship you have with the person.


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