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spirit breaker
blashvanhoward wrote in lifemeandyou

When your down, you can't even tell what you were really doing. For sometimes you can't even tell them enough what's really on your mind.  All you know was you're already on your knees and can't get up to strike to live again.

For such alot of things that was happening you're almost out of those days where you have to breath and get a life. Sometimes you just have to ride on with the others life just to get through it, though you knew it's really wrong to use someone else's strenght just to get through with your life. Then time comes and you'll gonna ask your self what was really happening;why you're here; why you're there; why you're on that spot where you can't  stand and as if it's eating you alive. You'll gonna ask yourself, what should I do? Where should you start your life all over again.

But before you start your life again, why don't you ask yourself where this breaking moments begin. What breaks your soul? What makes you cry? How you should go?

If I were to say, the spirit breaker were our own self. We let those times to bury us alive. We let thosepeoplebe the reasons why we down ourselves. We live, we breath, we smile, we speak, but if our soul's are broken by the unknown fears and sadness and by the past that hurts us, we're also a death freaking no one who can't have their own lives like everyone around us.



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